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Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra - Legacy of the Dark Lands (2019)

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Genre: Power Metal
Released: 8 Nov. 2019
Quality: iTunes m4a AAC ~256 kbps (Matched)

01 1618 Ouverture
02 The Gathering
03 War Feeds War
04 Comets and Prophecies
05 Dark Cloud's Rising
06 The Ritual
07 In the Underworld
08 A Secret Society
09 The Great Ordeal
10 Bez
11 In the Red Dwarf's Tower
12 Into the Battle
13 Treason
14 Between the Realms (FIXED)
15 Point of No Return
16 The White Horseman
17 Nephilim
18 Trial and Coronation
19 Harvester of Souls
20 Conquest Is Over
21 This Storm
22 The Great Assault
23 Beyond the Wall
24 A New Beginning
25 1618 Ouverture (Instrumental)
26 War Feeds War (Instrumental)
27 Dark Cloud's Rising (Instrumental)
28 In the Underworld (Instrumental)
29 The Great Ordeal (Instrumental)
30 In the Red Dwarf's Tower (Instrumental)
31 Treason (Instrumental)
32 Point of No Return (Instrumental)
33 Nephilim (Instrumental)
34 Harvester of Souls (Instrumental)
35 This Storm (Instrumental)
36 Beyond the Wall (Instrumental)


iTunes | 14 Track (Fix)

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