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  4. Hello,The flac link is unavailable now,how to get it fixed?thanku
  5. I have 4 demos from the Obsession demos. One has never been released. These are not the Japan bonus tracks, these are the demos they sent mudrock their engineer and epic to line up a major label signing and for them to get a big budget. If yiu want them just hit me up at louishanna204@gmail.com
  6. Progony4

    Hello, World

    Привет, мир. Здесь будет много интересного... Повеселимся?)
  7. All Inferno EP tracks were transcoded from a lossy format (e.g. mp3) unfortunately
  8. i was referring to this comment you made earlier "but you can send them to another account" what is that account?
  9. Не работают ссылки для скачивания почините плиз!
  10. how else would i be able to donate? what account would you prefer?
  11. During this difficult time, due to sanctions, I cannot receive payments to my PayPal account but you can send them to another account https://payeer.com/ P1043230174
  12. hey, i am unable to donate via paypal, i just get the error that you are unable to accept payments. how else can i donate?
  13. Hello, It seems all the discography links are dead. Can you reupload them? Thank you very much. Greetings.
  14. Could we possibly get new links for this? The singles especially.
  15. DEAD links - 2021 - Alkaline - Single, and everything before thne
  16. Marked unsafe by 3 levels of security. Could be false positive. Did not finish download to verify.
  17. Dead Links, sad I love this band
  18. thank you for sharing! I miss the "We are the mess" Album in FLAC. If you could upload it again, i would be so happy
  19. Пора добавлять альбом 22 года
  20. I also have the Japan version lovehatetragedy with the following bonus tracks: 12 Gouge Away 13 Never Said It 14 Naked in Front of the Computer Let me know if you want the EAC FLAC CD rip
  21. Appreciate it man. If you end up getting that rip I would love a copy. Other than that the only songs I'm missing are the self-titled bonus tracks.
  22. Send me a email for the links: 36fan@live.com I will be getting the a rip of the no time for love vinyl soon possibly in flac
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