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  1. What's the pw for this and also for TSSF and The Illustrator? Thank you!
  2. Can I request these albums? Thank you!!!! The Illustrator: [Hidden Content] Polyphia: [Hidden Content] Between You & Me: [Hidden Content]
  3. SHADED's Unfamiliar Love EP please. Thank you!!!!
  4. Sorry, it's SHADED (UK band)
  5. Do you have a link for SHADES' new EP? Big thanks
  6. Do you have an iTunes quality for these albums? Thank you!
  7. Do you have a link for Creation/Destruction?
  8. AsedilloGian

    Belmont - Belmont

  9. AsedilloGian

    Crossfaith - Ex Machina

  10. AsedilloGian

    Real Friends - Composure

  11. AsedilloGian

    Amarionette - AMVRI

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