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    Myka, Relocate is: Michael Swank - Vocals John Ritter - Unclean Vocals Austin Doré - Guitar Josh Peltier - Bass Dylan LeBlanc - Drums Discography: Self-Portrait as a Frozen Father (2008) 01. You Are the Caretaker 02. The Corpse & The Carpenter 03. Clouds Like an Ocean 04. Counting on Others is Counting Backwards 05. Iron Horses 06. She Was the Tree of Life to Them 07. Hot Apocalypse 08. This is the Attic, Welcome to the Attic 09. Directions 10. Con-science Download (MP3) Download (iTunes Match, 9 of 10 tracks) ...And of Monsters - EP (2009) 01. The Teething Thief 02. So Civilized 03. ...And of Monsters 04. Shed My Skin 05. The Most Spectacular of Events Download (MP3) Download (iTunes Match) Myka, Relocate - EP (2012) 01. Cold War 02. Dead Ties 03. Natural Separation Download (MP3) Lies to Light the Way (2013) 01. Revolve 02. Dead Ties 03. Something to Dream About 04. The Inevitable 05. Natural Separation 06. Useless (feat. Telle Smith) 07. Doublespeak 08. Playing it Safe (feat. Jonny Craig) 09. The Answer 10. Dry Spell 11. Cold War 12. Admitting the Truth + Digital Booklet Download (MP3) Download (iTunes Purchased) The Young Souls (2015) 01. Hide the Truth 02. Bring You Home 03. Damage 04. Only Steps Away 05. Nerve 06. New Again 07. Cold Hearts 08. Rescue Me 09. Eyes Wide Shut 10. The Company You Keep (feat. Christian Koo) 11. Idle Hands 12. The Young Souls Download (MP3) Download (iTunes Purchased) Bonus: [Early group could called The Exit Season, I'm not sure] Cloud Like an Ocean, Pt. 1 (Demo) Counting on Others is Counting Backwards (Demo) Iron Horses (Demo) Muscles for Bones Take It Easy Mountain Face Am I Invisible Darker Acoustic Medley (Darker, Dead Ties, Natural Separation) Lies to Light the Way (Album Teaser) Something to Dream About (Acoustic) I Am Architect (John's and Mike's ex-band): Compare and Contra Time Weaver Download
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