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The Paramedic: Discography 2009-2015 (MP3, AAC)

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The Paramedic
Genre: Post-Hardcore, Metalcore, Electronic
Country: Dayton, Ohio, USA



Apollo - EP (2009)

01. Explorers
02. Trinkets
03. Where's the Fire?
04. A Thousand Ships
05. Where the River Meets the Sea
06. Young Love in the Garden

Download (MP3)
Download (AAC, 4 of 6 tracks)


If Seeing is Believing - EP (2010)

01. Castles of Sand
02. Right Where You Belong
03. Horoscopes
04. Hook, Line and Sinker

Download (MP3)
Download (AAC, 2 of 4 tracks)


The Devil in Me - EP (2011)

01. The Sixth Seal
02. A Vessel of Time's Past
03. The Devil in Me
04. From the Throne

Download (MP3)
Download (iTunes Match)


Smoke & Mirrors (2012)

01. Xenophobia
02. We Left Our Souls in New Jersey
03. Clarissa Didn't Explain This
04. Sol, the Conspirator
05. Eddie Would Be Proud
06. Back to the Start
07. When We Fight
08. All for You
09. With Enemies Like You, Who Needs Friends
10. Unstoppable (The Response, Pt. 2)
+ Digital Booklet

Download (MP3)
Download (iTunes Purchased)


Diary of My Demons (Deluxe Version) (2014)

01. Prologue
02. Have a Nice Day
03. Who I've Become
04. Proud
05. Make Me Feel
06. Lying to a Liar
07. Fire Red
08. I've Been There
09. Captivate
10. My Life in a Bottle
11. These Hands
12. Misplaced
13. The Attempt
14. Love on the Dance Floor
+ Digital Booklet

Download (MP3)
Download (iTunes Purchased)

01. Explorers (Live Acoustic)
02. Trinkets (Live Acoustic)
03. Where's the Fire? (Live Acoustic)
04. A Thousand Ships (Live Acoustic)
05. Where the River Meets the Sea (Live Acoustic)
06. Young Love in the Garden (Live Acoustic)

Horoscopes (Re-recorded)
6 Foot 7 Foot (Lil Wayne Cover)
Headlines (Drake Cover)
Sorry (Justin Bieber Cover)

LifeGiver - The Lost (feat. Mike Luciano)
A Promise to Burn - Black Widow (feat. Mike Luciano) (Iggy Azalea Cover)

Up All Night
(next Jake's project with last The Paramedic, ex-Hours from Home vocalist):
The Takeover
Shot for Me (Drake Acoustic Cover)
Bohemian Trapsody
Down on It (Macho's Metal Madness)

Hours from Home:
Come & Get It (feat. Michael Luciano) (Selena Gomez Cover)
Empty Homes
Envious (feat. Michael Luciano)
Falling Fast
It Could Be Worse
My Way (Fetty Wap Cover)
Post to Be (Omarion Cover)
Post to Be (Instrumental) (Omarion Cover)
Want Me
Want Me (Demo)
Instrumental 1
Instrumental 5
Instrumental 6
Instrumental 9


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