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  1. In Flames

    Hey kid lets see what items has your post don't be a jerk!
  2. Mark Morton - Anesthetic (2019)

  3. I have the entire discography.
  4. I could donate "This Could Be Heartbreak".
  5. Country: Sweden Quality: iTunes Purchased Tracklist: 1 Stabbing The Drama 2 One With The Flies 3 Weapon Of Vanity 4 The Crestfallen 5 nerve 6 stalemate 7 Distance 8 Observation Slave 9 Fate In Motion 10 Blind Eye Halo 11 If Possible 12 Wherever Thorns May Grow 13 Killed By Ignition Ask for the link through PayPal donation.
  6. Chimaira - Chimaira

    Country: USA Quality: iTunes Purchased Tracklist: 1 Nothing Remains 2 Save Ourselves 3 Inside the Horro 4 salvation 5 comatose 6 Left for Dead 7 Everything You Love 8 bloodlust 9 Pray for All 10 lazarus