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    1. Fame on Fire - Discography (2015-2018) (iTunes)

      btw for convenience, 2 mp3 are here. Rise: https://vk.com/doc23078328_437771204 Hello Friday: http://vk.com/doc23078328_437517365
    2. Fame on Fire - Discography (2015-2018) (iTunes)

      you could try to use savefrom for ripping youtube videos and transcode the videos into mp3.
    3. Fame on Fire - Discography (2015-2018) (iTunes)

      thank you so much bro! this is the most definitive discography of FOF so far around! looking forward to the rest ones.
    4. Ghost Town 4 singles, the only things we've left

      thank you again!
    5. Arch Enemy discography (1996-2018) (iTunes aac Q127 m4a)

      facebook last.fm spotify deezer tidal iTunes genre: melodic death metal country: Sweden no live tracks, no remixes, no rehearsals. newest cover ep is included. to check the tracklist, visit the download link below. nedladdning omedelbart!
    6. Ghost Town 4 singles, the only things we've left

      mmm... okay, I get the wrong link of iTunes... my bad, sry for the confusing... since I can't visit iTunes cuz of GFW, this always happens lol... so only three remains.
    7. facebook deezer iTunes spotify tidal last.fm genre: metalcore country: Australia Choose To Love Live Or Die_2002 When Goodbye Means Forever_2003 Your Past Comes Back To Haunt You_2005 Music For The Recently Deceased_2006 Music For The Recently Deceased (Remastered)_2011 Beloved_2014 to check the tracklist, visit the download link below. download
    8. Ghost Town 4 singles, the only things we've left

      I think so. it's from here,
    9. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tiny-pieces-single/1203633723 https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tentacles-acoustic-single/580268320 https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/universe-acoustic-single/679231261 https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/you-dont-know-me/304356001 https://www2.zippyshare.com/v/cXfztkFy/file.html despite of those b-sides and an impossible to get limited ep, these are the only things. just try to match when you have time.
    10. Ghost Town - Discography (2012-2018) (FLAC)

      hoooooooooooooly tits, this finally happened! luv you so much my master!
    11. Thirty Seconds To Mars - AMERICA (2018) (iTunes)

      thank you very much! and mediafire link is awesome!
    12. Escape the Fate - I Am Human (Deluxe) (2018) (FLAC + 320)

      and I found I had asked the same question as what it was said in KL lol, what a coincidence
    13. Escape the Fate - I Am Human (Deluxe) (2018) (FLAC + 320)

      I wonder when the bonus tracks in flac or m4a will be uploaded... cuz not only they're in shitty mp3 but in freaking mono? wtf
    14. my little requests... probably little

      so fast! thank you my master!